Section 42 Overall Equity Placement Experience
Reigns Capital has closed approximately $3 billion in Section 42 equity.

Section 42 80-20 Monetization Program
Played instrumental role in developing and marketing new tax structures involving 80-20 mixed use multi-family rental housing enabling developers to monetize tax credits. We have closed 23 transactions utilizing various structures totaling over $370 million in equity.

Section 42 Guaranteed Transactions
Closed over $2.8 billion of Section 42 guaranteed transaction with 12 different guarantors.  Acted as long-term financial advisor for guarantors with respect to all aspects of their Section 42 tax credit programs. 

Section 42 Secondary Market
Closed over $1 billion in secondary market transactions comprising 19 distinct portfolios.  Sold a portfolio of 41 Section 42 properties located throughout the U.S. for a major utility company, valued at approximately $170 million that had only a few years left of tax credits remaining.

Recapitalization of US Patent and Trademark Headquarters
Participated in the structuring and placement of tax motivated private real estate equity and subordinated debt for a unique net lease transaction enabling our client to recapitalize its $872 million, 2.4 million square foot government headquarters office complex. The tax structure implements the use of accrued debt and creative equity pricing to generate substantial value for an asset with limited current cash flow.