What is Reigns Capital?

Reigns Capital is a real estate structured finance firm and FINRA registered broker/dealer.

  • Expertise in the Section 42 affordable housing tax credit program and experience in various other tax credit programs
  • Consultant and strategist with respect to our clients’ overall needs
  • Represent syndicators, guarantors, developers and assist investors in connection with Section 42 transactions and other tax advantaged products
  • Provide real estate consulting on all aspects of Section 42 transactions
  • Possess market knowledge to actively pursue the most dependable equity investors in addition to being well-positioned to source new equity
  • Excellent investor relationships due to our constant presence in the Section 42 affordable housing market
  • Section 42 tax credit disposition advisor for end of compliance period transactions
  • The principals of Reigns Capital have closed over $10 billion in tax advantaged transactions including over $6 billion of equity for affordable housing transactions